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 Training Classes Available

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Course Descriptions

ZEVAC Certified Training Program (CTP)

A certified Training Program (CTP) to ensure all ZEVAC users are properly trained to use all ZEVAC equipment in the oil & gas industry.  ASTAR conducts classes and certifies personnel for a 3-year period.


The CTP consists of a classroom, hands-on training, and a hands-on eval. 

Zevac Training

Code of Federal Regulations Training

A class is instructor-led and lasts 3.5 days.  The class is designed to help understand the requirements of the regulations and is intended for pipeline company personnel responsible for pipeline safety and/or regulatory compliance; regulatory personnel, project managers, engineers, supervisors, and other personnel who implement or oversee the regulatory requirements. 

CFR Training

McElroy Plastic Fusion Certification and Training

This training provides pipeline inspectors, project managers, and consulting engineers with the knowledge they need to insure that proper equipment is used, procedures are followed, and fusion joint integrity is validated.

Courses are a combination of LMS, classroom, and hands-on.

McElroy Certification

Drug and Alcohol Training

A two-day code class on the DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) Drug and Alcohol Program. 


ASTAR’s industry-recognized experts will take a deep dive into Title 49 CFR Parts 199 and 40 to help individuals understand and navigate the regulations and to assist in ensuring the proper application of the Federally mandated required program. The teaching format will also allow for interaction with the attendees.

Drug and Alcohol Training
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